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Canceling a Storii Subscription
Canceling a Storii Subscription

How to cancel a Storii subscription and what happens to your information.

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How to Cancel a Storii Subscription

If you purchased a Storii subscription, you can cancel this at any time by going to the Settings of your Storii Profile. Follow these instructions:

  • Login to Storii

  • Click on the down arrow next to your profile image in the top, right-hand corner

Storii Settings
  • Click Settings

  • Click on Billing

  • Click on Click here to manage billing information

Manage billing info
  • Click Cancel Plan

    Cancel Storii Subscription

What Happens to Your Storii Account After Cancellation

After you cancel a Storii subscription, your account and profile still exist. It is only the calls that end. You are still able to log in anytime, continue populating life story questions with text and images, download audio files, or export PDFs of life story answers.

If you want an account to be completely deleted and wiped of all data, email with your request.

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