Configuring Flat Fees for Tasks in StoriiCare
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StoriiCare offers the flexibility to assign flat fees to specific tasks and incorporate these fees into billing plans, facilitating a streamlined billing process and ensuring accurate invoicing. This guide provides detailed instructions on how to set up flat fees for tasks, add these fees to billing plans, and generate invoices accordingly.

Enabling the Flat Fee Option

To enable the Flat Fee option on your StoriiCare account, you must log into the platform. Navigate to the “Support” section, which can typically be found on the bottom left side of the dashboard below the settings menu. Once you have opened the Support section, click on the “Support” title 9 times to display the option to enable Flat Fee on the platform.

Then, you should scroll down to the bottom of the support page and click on the “Disabled” button by the side of the “Flat Fee Services” option to enable it on the platform.

The Flat Fee option allows your facility to charge a fixed amount for services, simplifying the billing process for both the provider and the client. Once the button is clicked and changed to “Enabled”, the Flat Fee option shall be available to be used within the Billing feature and added to the “Services” configuration.

Linking Flat Fees to Tasks

Step 1: Navigate to the Billing feature

  • Within the Billing section, look for a tab labeled “Service”. This section is dedicated to configuring how your services are billed.

Step 2: Configuring Flat Fees for Services

  • Select a Service: Identify the service for which you want to set a flat fee. StoriiCare offers the possibility to edit an available service that your facility already offers, or you may need to add a new service. Select the “Flat Fee” option within the “Units of service” drop-down.

  • Enter the Flat Fee Amount: For the chosen service, input the flat fee amount. This is the fixed charge that clients will pay for the service, regardless of other variables.

  • Repeat for Additional Services: If you wish to set flat fees for multiple services, repeat the process for each service.

Step 3: Setting Up Flat Fees for Tasks

  • Access the Task feature under the Dashboard.

  • Access the Task settings view by clicking on the settings toggle.

  • Identify or Create a Task: Select an existing task to which you want to assign a flat fee or create a new task by following the platform's task creation process.

  • Assign a Flat Fee: In the task details or editing section, look for an option to assign a service. Enter the service that reflects the cost associated with completing this task.

Step 4: Incorporating Flat Fees into Billing Plans

  • Accessing Billing Plans

  • From the main menu, navigate to the Billing section and then to Billing Plans.

  • Select an existing billing plan to modify or create a new billing plan.

  • Adding Task-Based Fees

  • Edit the Billing Plan: Within the billing plan's settings, find the section where you can add or modify fees.

  • Include Task-Based Fees: Look for an option to include fees based on tasks. Select the tasks with assigned flat fees that you wish to include in this billing plan.

  • Adjust Settings: Ensure that the billing plan accurately reflects how and when the task-based fees should be applied. This may include settings for frequency, proration, and any other relevant billing conditions.

Step 5: Generating Invoices Based on Task-Assigned Flat Fees

  • Ensure all tasks with assigned flat fees that should be invoiced in the current period are completed and properly recorded in StoriiCare.

  • Select Billing Plan: Choose the billing plans or clients that should be invoiced, making sure they include the tasks with flat fees.

  • Generate Invoice: Follow the prompts to generate an invoice. The system should automatically calculate the total based on the billing plan, including the flat fees for completed tasks.

  • Review and Send Invoices

  • Send to Clients: Utilize StoriiCare's mechanisms to send the invoice to clients, whether through email, direct platform messaging, or another method provided.


By assigning flat fees to tasks and incorporating these fees into billing plans, StoriiCare users can streamline their billing processes and ensure accurate, transparent invoicing. This guide provides a foundation for setting up and managing these features within the platform. For further assistance, consult the StoriiCare help documentation or contact their support team.

Remember, specific steps and options may vary slightly depending on your StoriiCare version or the specific configuration of your account. Always refer to the latest documentation for the most accurate information.

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