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In an effort to streamline the billing process and offer more billing functionalities to clients, StoriiCare has introduced a Flat Fee option within its Billing feature. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on configuring Flat Fees for various services offered by your center, ensuring a straightforward and complete invoicing process for both your facility and your clients.

Enabling the Flat Fee Option

To enable the Flat Fee option on your StoriiCare account, you must log into the platform. Navigate to the “Support” section, which can typically be found on the bottom left side of the dashboard below the settings menu. Once you have opened the Support section, click on the “Support” title 9 times to display the option to enable Flat Fee on the platform.

Then, you should scroll down to the bottom of the support page and click on the “Disabled” button by the side of the “Flat Fee Services” option to enable it on the platform.

The Flat Fee option allows your facility to charge a fixed amount for services, simplifying the billing process for both the provider and the client. Once the button is clicked and changed to “Enabled”, the Flat Fee option shall be available to be used within the Billing feature and added to the “Services” configuration.

Creating the Flat Fee Service

Step 1: Navigate to the Billing feature

  • Within the Billing section, look for a tab labeled “Service”. This section is dedicated to configuring how your services are billed.

Step 2: Configuring Flat Fees for Services

  • Select a Service: Identify the service for which you want to set a flat fee. StoriiCare offers the possibility to edit an available service that your facility already offers, or you may need to add a new service. Select the “Flat Fee” option within the “Units of service” drop-down.

  • Enter the Flat Fee Amount: For the chosen service, input the flat fee amount. This is the fixed charge that clients will pay for the service, regardless of other variables.

  • Repeat for Additional Services: If you wish to set flat fees for multiple services, repeat the process for each service.

Step 3: Adding it to Billing Plans

  • Click on the Billing Plans tab.

  • Edit or create a new Billing Plan by clicking on the “Add new” icon.

  • Add the Flat Fee service created to the “Services Applied” box when configuring the Billing Plan.

  • Save the configuration set.

  • Preview & Generate Invoices from the Billing Plans tab applying Flat Fees.

Step 4: Review and Save

  • Review your settings to ensure that all flat fees are correctly entered for the appropriate services.

  • Ensure that whenever you are applying the Flat Fee service to a Billing Plan you select the correct data source that will be used to calculate the Flat Fee calculation on invoices and the rounding/normalizing rules.

  • Save your changes by clicking the Save or Submit button. A confirmation message should appear to indicate that your settings have been successfully updated.

Best Practices

  • Transparency: Communicate with your clients about the introduction of flat fees and how it will affect their billing.

  • Documentation: Keep a record of all services with flat fees for internal reference and for any future adjustments.

  • Regular Review: Periodically review your flat fee settings to ensure they remain appropriate for the services offered.


Setting up Flat Fees in StoriiCare simplifies the billing process, making it easier for your facility to manage finances and for clients to understand their charges. By following these steps, you can efficiently implement flat fees for your services, contributing to a more streamlined and transparent billing system.

Examples of Flat Fees

Flat fees, as introduced by StoriiCare, offer a streamlined billing solution particularly beneficial for adult day centers. These centers can utilize flat fees to simplify the invoicing process for regular services such as daily attendance, transportation, and special activities. For example, an adult day center could set a flat fee for daily attendance, ensuring families are billed a consistent rate regardless of the number of hours attended each day. Similarly, transportation services to and from the center could be bundled into a single flat fee, making it easier for clients to understand and manage their expenses.

Special activities, like art therapy sessions or group outings, can also be assigned a flat fee, allowing centers to offer clear, upfront pricing to participants. This approach not only enhances billing transparency but also streamlines administrative tasks, enabling centers to focus more on providing quality care.

The introduction of flat service fees in StoriiCare simplifies the billing process, especially for services that prefer or require a fixed charge. By following the steps outlined above, you can efficiently create and apply flat fees to your invoices, ensuring transparent and straightforward billing for your clients.

For more detailed support and additional features, consider accessing the StoriiCare support section or reaching out to their customer service team at

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