If you're editor-in-chief or project manager, and you don't write stories yourself but want to brief your co-workers / copywriters, then use the editorial brief for that.

Start by crafting a new story via your dashboard and simply click on the 3 dots, and then choose 'Editorial Brief'.

Once the Editorial Brief window pops open you can get straight to the details. Outline the WHAT, WHO, WHY and HOW of your story or just remove the text and start typing your briefing. Optionally, add files, like pictures, excel sheets, PDF, etc., give an estimated word count, a deadline, and then click on 'Assign to colleague'.

Your co-worker will get a notification in his mailbox and can start writing in Story Chief. 

And you know what's even more fantastic?
If he clicks on the button in his mail, he will open the story immediately, and see the editorial brief. Whenever he needs it, he can re-open it at any time.

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