How does Story Chief solve your duplicate content problems?

Excellent question.
The simple answer is: Story Chief practices canonicalization.

Canonicalization: It's not a religion, but it's as close to biblical proportions as you can get as far as Google best practices and organic SEO.

It's the act of notifying search engines as to where the master copy of your content lives.

Whether you're pushing your content to multiple websites or external hubs like Blogger or Medium, etc., nobody should forget where they came from.

Search engines should be alerted to this too, just for safe-keeping. So no matter where your content is published, search engines will know where the place of origin is.

Story Chief takes care of the "rel=canonical" tag for you, and more so you don't have to go down the rabbit hole alone.

When you publish a story, remember to choose the primary channel in personal channels: this is the primary destination where your social media posts will link to and and search engines will detect this as the original source.

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