Let's create an Instagram post via StoryChief.

Click here to learn how to connect to your Instagram business profile.

Step 1. Go to your Social posts page.

Step 2. Either click on Edit on an existing post or choose new social post. The social post editor will appear.

Step 3. Create your social post. Visit this help article to learn about the available options and features. Activate your Instagram business profile from the sidebar. Once ready, choose to either publish now or schedule for later.

🔔 Note: Some cases are not supported by the Instagram API, for example multi-image posts. StoryChief will warn you about this and offer to publish via our chrome extension.
When publishing via the chrome extension instructions will be present on the left of the screen to allow for easy copy and pasting of text and downloading of the image.

  • Step 1. Copy and paste message inside the editor

  • Step 2. Download attachment to your computer

  • Step 3. Click 'Add Content -> From File Upload' below and select the attachment you've just saved

  • Step 4. Press Publish button below

Once you have finished these steps, you will be sent back to StoryChief. Your Instagram post is now published/scheduled.

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