Use our APIs custom tools to build the perfect tailor-made integration for your team. With a few simple methods and some scripting, you can extend StoryChief to publish to virtually anything.

StoryChief uses webhooks to notify your app of changes.

We have made a Wordpress plugin that you can use as a reference.

What are webhooks?

A webhook is basically just a POST request that is sent to a specific URL. That URL is set up to receive the body of the POST request and process it in some way.

So if you have ever created a form and submitted it in code, you know how to create a POST request.

The communication flow in a nutshell

Getting your module published

If you're planning on creating an open-source integration with StoryChief, our team would be happy to review it for you. This way you can contribute to help make StoryChief the complete solution. We can then add it to our channel list, which will give your module extra exposure.

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