Publish updates to your Facebook page directly via StoryChief.

Step 1. Head on over to your Channels list, choose Social networks, and click on Facebook.

Step 2. Click on Add new destination. You will now be sent to Facebook to authorize the request.

(Make sure that you are first signed in with the correct Facebook profile and that you are an admin for the page.)

Step 3. Follow the steps on Facebook to allow StoryChief to post on your pages.

Step 4. Choose which Facebook Page you would like to post to and click on Save settings.

What to do if your Facebook Page is not listed

First, check that your personal Facebook profile has the admin role for that Page. Or, if your Page is part of a Facebook Business Suite account, you'll want to ensure that your permissions under that account are fully setup.

It's also important to note that it is not possible to connect a Facebook Page if your profile is an admin through inheritance from a parent Page. To find out, visit your Facebook Page, and find the Page Roles section within settings. If you see yourself listed under a section labeled "Admin (inherited from parent Page)", then unfortunately you will not be able to authorize the connection between the Facebook Page and StoryChief.

If you have the correct Page role and it's still not listed, it means that StoryChief does not have the required permissions from Facebook. To resolve this, please follow these reauthorization steps and then try connecting your Page again.

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