Resizing your Project in Maker

How to use aspect ratio to change the size of your video projects in Maker.

Written by Rachel Abraham
Updated over a week ago

Storyblocks' built in video editor, Maker, allows you to resize your video so that you can cross-post on social media platforms more easily. Maker also provides guidelines for which aspect ratios are best for which platforms:

  • 16:9: Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

  • 9:16: Instagram, Youtube Shorts, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter

  • 1:1: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

  • 4:5: Instagram, Facebook

  • 2:3: Facebook

What happens when you change your aspect ratio?

Your entire project will convert to the new size you selected. If you have text in your video, it will resize to fit the new aspect ratio (for example, large text will become smaller if you go from 16:9 to 1:1).

Maker also knows to keep the layout consistent when you change the size of your video. If you want an element to be repositioned automatically, set it to a fixed position under the style options.

How do I select and change the aspect ratio?

There are three ways to choose or change the size of your video:

  1. When you initially create your project, you will select an initial aspect ratio for your video.

  2. As you edit your project, you’ll have the ability to change it any point while editing via the aspect ratio button right below your video player (next to the mute button).

  3. When you export your video, you’ll see the option to create a new copy in a different aspect ratio.

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