Administrators (‘admins’) have additional rights over other users.

What admins can do that other users cannot

Admins can:

  • make other people Admins

  • invite and remove other teachers

  • edit any story, regardless of its author

  • if they wish, ensure all stories are approved before being published

  • edit their early learning service's ‘About’ page information and profile picture

  • manage their early learning service's billing information

  • delete their early learning service's account

If you are an Admin you can grant another teacher admin rights. Think carefully before taking this step though because that person can then act on behalf of your early learning service's Storypark account. You must have a high level of trust in that person, particularly as they can invite other people to view a child's profile, and delete your early learning service’s account.

How to make another teacher an admin

Go to your early learning service’s profile page and click the 'Teachers' tab. Find the teacher to whom you wish to grant administrator rights, click the arrow in the top right corner of that teacher's tile, and from the drop-down menu select 'Make admin'. That's it.

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