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Export all your stories and notes
Export all your stories and notes
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Storypark does not own your content, we simply store it for you. That means if you need to get your stories out of Storypark, or you have decided to close down your account, exporting a child's stories and notes is as easy as clicking a button if you are an Admin.

Exporting a child's portfolio allows you to view their stories and notes in any browser even if you have closed your Storypark account.

Note: If your service has access to routines and has recorded them for the child in question, the export of their portfolio will also include their routines in a separate file.

From the website, go to a child's profile page and click Edit next to their name:

You'll see the Export portfolio option on the right-hand side:

Click the Export portfolio button and you will be sent an email with a download link in it. (If the child's profile has a lot of Stories it may take some time for the email to come through to you).

After clicking the link from the email, downloading starts automatically and also gives you the option to download manually.

Once downloaded, depending on your operating system you may need to extract the files. (If the files you downloaded were opened but not extracted, then you may not be able to see the Stories in their entirety.)

Extracting the portfolio

Locate the downloads folder:

Find the file in your downloads folder, right-click on it and select 'Extract All'.

When it loads the extracted folder will appear as a normal folder on your computer.

Simply open this and double click 'Stories_html' or 'Notes_html' to view.

If you are using an older version of Windows

1. Go to

2. Find the Download link. Download the .exe file

3. Once the file has finished downloading, right-click the file and unzip.

4. On your computer, create a folder for your child's stories and put the unzipped file into it.

5. Open your newly created folder, right-click on the file, select '7-zip' from the drop-down options, and then 'Extract Here' from the second drop-down.

6. You should see a new folder.

7. Double-click to open the folder and you should see a folder called 'Files' and two files called 'stories_index.html' and 'notes_index.html'.

8. You can now move these files wherever you wish, but you should always keep these three items together in the same folder.

9. To view your child's stories, simply double-click 'stories_index.html'.

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