Unfortunately, we sell our icons and illustrations only via subscription.

Having a subscription got many advantages:

• You will get access to all new icons or illustrations for free, as long as you are subscribed.

• We will publish a lot more new icons, as relying on the app and having a steady income with subscriptions allows us to create more assets. We plan for hundred new assets each month!

• You also have access to a wider variety of styles, as we can experiment more. We've already added a lot of new styles.

- Check all the icons here: https://app.streamlinehq.com/icons

- Check the illustrations here: https://app.streamlinehq.com/illustrations

• Having a subscription system allows us to take more artistic risks, and develop more unique and cool new styles :-)

• The steady income from the subscription also allows us to invest more in improving the app, the plugins, and the Desktop app.
• Even under a subscription model, it is still a lifetime license for all Streamline 4.0 assets already included in your projects. After you download our vector assets, you can keep them forever in your projects even after you cancel your subscription.

I understand this choice will maybe not fit everybody's preferences and some people prefer a one-time purchase. It wasn't an easy decision, and I hesitated for a long time… But we're convinced that this is the best one to make Streamline even better and get sustainable development that will benefit all users.

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