Why you should join Streamline 4.0's affiliate program?

🤑 Great commissions.

Payouts are 10% of the initial purchase price and any recurring revenue for 24 months.

👌 Easy implementation, paid fast.

We provide links to help you get rolling fast. Cookie-based tracking allows you to be credited up to 30 days after the last click.

🙌 Social proof

Some of the top companies use and recommend Streamline.

🔄 Our plans:

  • Super Bundle: $59/monthly or $348/year

  • All Icons: $39/monthly or $228/year

  • All Illustrations: $39/monthly or $228/year

  • Team: Extra user seats are purchased separately depending on order volume.

💰 How much can you make?

Some examples of how much one affiliate could generate for you:
- $69 when a user subscribes to our Super Bundle for 2 years (yearly payment).
- $93 when a user subscribes to our Super Bundle for 2 years (monthly payment).
- $148 when a user subscribes to our Super Bundle for 2 years (monthly payment).

An amazing product = easy to sell

Streamline 4.0 has the largest UI sets available on the internet. Users get a wide variety of styles yet consistency in icons, illustrations, and emojis. On top of that, a feature-rich app and plugins allow for a faster workflow.

Add a revenue stream for years to come.

Our program has…

  • Great commissions– 10% of all revenue generated for up to 24 months.

  • Recurring payouts every month.

  • Easy implementation – affiliate links with last-click, 30-day cookie tracking

  • Social proof – some of the top companies train their team with us

  • Easy financing through PayPal

Promotional ideas

You’re creative and I know you’ve totally got this, but here are a few ideas to get the juices flowing. 💪

  • Add your affiliate link to Dribbble shots of your designs using Streamline 4.0.

  • Write a Streamline vs. ________ (whatever icon libraries you were using previously). Send it out to your email list or your followers on Twitter, etc.

  • Add your affiliate link to projects or case studies you write about that made use of Streamline 4.0.

  • Share how your Design process is faster and more efficient by using Streamline 4.0.

  • Add Streamline 4.0 to a resources page on your blog or website as your tool of choice.

Join the affiliate program today

By applying, you agree to the Affiliate Rules.

Read through Affiliate FAQs here.

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