I cannot download SVGs in the Web-app

If you're a previous customer who purchased an icons or illustrations plan, please try to download using these new links:

1. Streamline Light 3.0 Set (10,661 icons)
2. Streamline Regular 3.0 Set (9,610 icons)
3. Streamline Bold 3.0 Set (11,483 icons)
4. Streamline UX Line Set (5,207 illustrations)
5. Streamline Duotone Set (5,320 illustrations)
6. Streamline Colors Set (9,359 illustrations)

We realised that some users had issues filtering icons with blue dots and created a new set for all previous customers.

We're here to help if you run into any other issues.

I bought a license and am unable to download SVGs in Figma.

Status: Fixed ✅

Please drag and drop icons from sets with a '3.0' in their title. They should be at the top of your list.

Ignore the message that says "Available as PNG only. Upgrade for vector version" and simply drag and drop. It should work regardless.

I can't download any icons from "Streamline UX | Colors, Duotone, Line" even if I have the licenses. What is wrong?

Status: Fixed ✅

This is a bug on our end and we're fixing it as soon as possible. Expect a fix by today or latest by Monday.

Our NPM package has some issues.

Status: Fixed ✅

There was an issue with how SVGs were rendered for a few brief moments. We've fixed this on our end but if you're still seeing any issues, please report it using the chatbot at the bottom right.

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