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For full legal terms please visit the other license articles but here's the short version.

Streamline has 3 types of sets

  1. Open-source sets

  2. Free sets but not open-source

  3. Premium sets

Open source sets

  1. Flat icons (500 vectors)

  2. Flex icons (500 vectors)

  3. Covid icons (150 vectors)

  4. Nasty icons (45 vectors)

  5. UI Line icons (1,000 vectors)

  6. Bangalore (40 vectors)

  7. Freemoji (787 vectors)

All these sets are licensed under Creative Commons 4.0 licenses.

Free but not open-source sets

All other free vector sets require attribution (link to our site) and you can't embed a full set into your app (like a Canva style app).

Premium license

You don't need to attribute to us and can use the assets you download forever. You can use them in any type of project: templates, website design, application design… even logos as long as you respect the 100 icons per project and 50 illustrations per project limit. A company can have multiple projects! You can also purchase discounted seats to license your team.

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