Importing Workouts to Your Apple Watch / Garmin Device
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Garmin Devices

  1. Open the Stryd Workout App on the watch.

  2. Open the Settings menu inside of the app.

  3. Select the username options.

  4. Enter & save your Stryd username into the app. This will enable the app to fetch workouts from your account.

  5. Press the back button your watch.

  6. Select Workouts.

  7. Select Fetch Workouts. (Note: Be sure that your watch is connect to your phone and that your phone is nearby. Your watch uses your phone's connection to download the workouts.)

  8. You can now view your next 2-5 days worth of workouts.

  9. You can select one of these workouts and have the option to start, view, or delete the workout.

Apple Watch

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