Krispy Kreme have established guidelines for their staff and for you so that they can keep delivering safely during the COVID-19 period. 

Pick up is now via drive thru at some stores.

⚠️ Keep a safe 2 metre distance from staff members at all times ⚠️

⚠️ All pick-ups should be performed with NO physical contact ⚠️

1️⃣ Use the demarcation on the road to keep your distance from other people.

2️⃣ On arrival, you will be asked if you are a Front Line Worker (e.g. NHS) or a Delivery Service Partner. Let the staff member know you are a Delivery Service Partner. 

3️⃣ The staff member will ask for the Order Number for the collection which you can find in the delivery notes.

4️⃣ Make sure your vehicle windows are closed and/or your helmet visor is down before driving around to the collection window. 

5️⃣ Hold up your order display for staff member to see. 

6️⃣ The staff member will open the Drive Thru window and place the order (and your complimentary OG doughnut 🍩)! on the temporary shelf: 

7️⃣ Wait for the staff member to close the Drive Thru window before collecting the order.

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