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When will Agencies know if their Marketplace application was successful?
When will Agencies know if their Marketplace application was successful?

Submitted your agency application, but it hasn't yet been listed on the Marketplace?

Updated over a week ago

Agency application in review

We receive a lot of application requests from agencies asking to join the marketplace so it might take us a moment to review your agency application. Thanks for bearing with us!

We carefully review each agency that applies to join the marketplace to ensure quality in our marketplace and have the good ratio of agencies with specific capabilities to the number of briefs we are receiving from clients.

We will reach out to you by email to set up a chat with some from StudioSpace so we can learn a bit more about your agency and once a decision has been made, you'll receive an email to hear about the outcome of your application

Agency application approved

Once you've received an email from StudioSpace notifying you that your application was successful, you'll be able to log-in to your account and start providing more detail around your agency so that you can publish your agency on the marketplace:

Agency application waitlisted

During certain periods where we have too many agency applications with certain capabilities, we may pause accepting further agencies onto the Marketplace. If this is the case, you will be notified of this and we will get back in touch when the situation has changed.

Agency application declined

When you log into the application, you will be able to view the reason why your application was declined. We will provide a rationale for why your agency hasn't been accepted with criteria for when you may be able to re-apply. If you at a later stage meet this criteria, don't hesitate to get back in touch with your contact at StudioSpace to discuss re-applying.

Note: Before re-applying, please consider the feedback we've provided, in order to give your application the best chance of being approved.

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