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Turning your Proposal into a Contract
Turning your Proposal into a Contract

Creating your Statement of Work

Updated this week

Congratulations! At this stage you have been successful in your pitch with the client and have won the project.

Now it's time to move to the contracting phase, where you input the details agreed with the client in your proposal into a Statement of Work (SoW).

You will receive an email invite to our beta platform from StudioSpace, which will prompt you to change your password and log-in at

From here, the first thing to do is input your bank account details and regional tax rate (to make invoicing easier later on) within “Details” → “Edit details → ”Financial details”.

To create a SoW for your project, please follow these steps (Australia and US only*):

  1. Within your Agency studio, go to the “Clients” tab at the top and click the “Add a client” button to add StudioSpace as a client

  2. Then go to the “Projects” tab and click the “New Project” button

  3. Add “Project Details”, with StudioSpace as the client and the “Project manager” as the agency contact you used to create the studio

    1. N.B. Please make sure the “Total value” and the value in the “Invoice Schedule” is the agreed value with client minus our 15% commission

  4. Once the project details have been completed, go into “Documents” and press the “Generate statement of work” button, clicking “Save and Send”

    1. This will automatically send the SoW to StudioSpace and the project owner (Agency contact)

  5. We will then get in touch separately if there any amendments the client wants to discuss or go straight to e-signing the contract

*Please note - In the UK, this process may be completed by StudioSpace on behalf of the agency as we have a larger Customer Success team than in Australia and the US.

We are working on building out integrated contracting into our platform (rather than our beta version), which will help you collaborate directly with the client on the SoW, so watch this space!

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