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What is your resource review process?
What is your resource review process?

Learn about how our scientist reviewer and teacher taskforce teams curate resources on our website.

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Finding credible resources can be challenging, especially for teachers with little time. Our team of climate scientists knows what to look for when reviewing resources for credibility, so you don’t have to.

Before resources are added to the website, they undergo multiple rounds of review. The content provider, as well as each individual resource, goes through a credibility check performed by a scientist reviewer. They check for the following criteria using this rubric:

  • Relevance

  • Quality

  • Conflict of interest

Where to find Scientist Notes written by the scientist reviewer.

Then, a member of the Teacher Taskforce reviews the resource using this rubric, ensuring the content is engaging and usable in the classroom.

The teacher reviewer pulls the aligned learning standards and writes the synopsis and teaching tips from the perspective of a teacher.

Once a resource goes through this process, it becomes live on the resource database. To learn more about the authors and scientist reviewers, visit the "Our Team" page.

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