Folders are a great way to share applications with your team and external reviewers. An external reviewer can be any 3rd party you need to see a shortlist of your applicants. They can be judges for competitions or adjudicators or even a broadcaster for a shortlist of applicants for a show.

Creating a folder: You can create a folder by adding a name and description. You can restrict some functions like allowing others to add applications and making details visible to the person reviewing.You can choose what kind of access the folder had whether  you’d like registered users that you’ve shared it with or have it password protected and accessible via a link. 

Sharing your folder: you may need to add other team leaders/team members/external reviewers to view your folder. Simply click on the share button:

You can then click on each of the team leaders/team members/external reviewers to share the folder with them. 

Folder options: You can make changes to your folder in the options section. Like folder name privacy of your folder etc.

Allow others to add applications- You can restrict your team members from adding applications to the folder, or leave it open for collaboration.
Show contact details?- this option is great if you want to restrict contact details from your external reviewers. It will restrict the email address that they registered with and phone question options.
Enable tags?- If you would like to restrict your team from seeing the tags that were added to the application you can select no.
Show Candidate Name?- You can restrict the candidates name the same as you can restrict contact details from your external reviewers.

Add Applications To Folder by Tag: You can add applications to your folder quickly by tags. You can select the form you'd like to add and then choose what tag you'd like to add.

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