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This is where you can customise the look of your domain.

Information: Site name is usually the name of your team or organisation. This will be displayed on the register page. Link to parent site is where you want the icon at the top left of the app will direct to. 

Manage themes: You can select a colour theme for your domain here.

Create theme: This is where you can create a custom theme for your domain if you have specific brand colours that need to be used. 

Favicon: you can upload an icon that will appear at the top of the web browser. 

Font: This is where you can change the font that will appear across the app. 

Logo: This is where you an upload your company logo on the top left of the screen.

Background: This is is where you can upload a background image for your domain. 

Default Show Banner: You can include a default banner for shows if they do not require their own.

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