At we’re always trying to find ways of improving your efficiency! Auto-tagging is a powerful tool that you can use to automatically tag applications based on answers an applicant might give. It makes it easier for you to sort and filter and see at a glance if submissions are i.e suitable or unsuitable. 

You can also use it to group message particular submissions based on the tags. For example: if you want to message submissions from a previous form that have agreed to be contacted again you can filter them by the tag and group message them. 

It is completely flexible to your needs, you can assign any tag to Yes/ No, Multiple Choice/Multiple Select, Image Select answers. You can also add as many tags to a particular answer as you'd like. 

You can turn this feature when editing a question. Click the question settings button to open the edit question window. As seen below.

Check the Auto Tag Answers Box.

To use the auto tag feature, you first need to create tags. Click the Edit Tags button to begin creating tags for this show. Any tags created here can be used across all questions within the same form. They will not be accessible outside of the form they were created in though.

Click Create a new tag to start creating tags.

Enter a name for the tag. Then press Create.

You can also edit a tag name or delete a tag by click on the edit tag button. You can hide the tags again by pressing the X button.

Once you have completed creating your tags, press Add Auto-Tag create auto-tags.

Select the answer you wish to tag from the Auto Tag Answers drop-down, then select the Tag from the Tag drop-down. Then press Save.

And that is it, your auto-tag is created. Create as many auto tags as you want. You can have multiple auto tags per question answer, or multiple answers with the same auto tag.

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