Adding questions is easy to do on

Click on the questions tab or “add questions button”

Click on the question type dropdown> select question type> compose question>click save 

  • Question types 

  1. Small/Medium/Large text: Applicant types out an answer

  2. Number: Applicant to add a number

  3. Multiple choice: Applicant chooses one provided answer

  4. Multiple Select: Applicant chooses multiple provided answers

  5. Yes/No: Applicant chooses yes/no

  6. Date: Applicant provides a date (Day/Month/Year)

  7. Date & Time: Applicant provides a date and time

  8. Phone: Applicant provides a phone number

  9. Website: Applicant provides a website address/link

  10. Heading: When you want to add a heading to create sections or provide more info

  11. Statement: When you want to provide more info about the form

  12. File Upload: Applicant uploads a file (photo, video, document etc.)

  13. Video recording: Applicant records themselves doing a Video Interview or Audition through their webcam directly into the software.

  14. Table: applicant fills information into a table that you’ve created.

  15. Country: Applicant provides country

  16. Score Bar: Applicant provides a score

  17. Location: Applicant provides Location

  18. Image Select: Applicant selects an image from a selection provided.

  19. Digital Signature: Applicant can provide a digital signature by using a verification link emailed to them.

  20. Import Question: Import a question from another application form that you’ve created.

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