have some of the best tools to help you gather information from your submissions. The Smart Table feature is flexible enough to be used for all your needs. Some examples of using tables are: Budgets  

Smart tables have great features like Auto-calculating build-able formulae, Multiple-choice, Multiple-select, yes/no and text and number fields. You can also make cell required so that a candidate cannot continue unless it is complete. Once smart tables are set up they are simple for your candidates to fill out.

To create a table you can simply select a table from question types. You can then hover over the table icon and click on it to create your table:

This will open a table where you can easily edit the format. To edit the cells, you can click on them and it will open a menu for you.

You can choose your cell type from the menu. There are a number of cell types: 

  • Text (for headings and directions)

  • Input (allow an applicant to add text or numbers) 

  • Yes/No 

  • Multiple Choice 

  • Multiple select 

  • Formula (for generating auto-calculating tables) 

  • Empty Cell.

Once you select your cell type you can add text if required:

If you are adding a Multiple Choice or Multiple select to your table you will have to add each question option and save it. (You can also mark these required if necessary)

We've made building a formula as easy for you as possible. You can include cells from the table but also cells from other tables that you have included in your submission form.

You can simply select the cells using the prompts and build your formula using the formula buttons. Once you have built the formula it will automatically apply it to the answers your applicant provides.

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