A logic jump lets you create a submission form that responds to the answers your applicants give. Instead of having them skip irrelevant questions, you can hide them from your applicants. 

It's a great way of segmenting your audience, and making the experience of filling out the form as easy as possible. You can maximise your responses by having a more personal experience for your applicants.

You can set up a Logic Jump or Child questions based on Multiple Choice, Yes/No, Multiple Select and Image Select questions. 

Once you have created your question you will see a little arrow appear next to the question types.

This will then open what looks like a "mini form builder". You can then fill in which questions and question type you would like to trigger if an applicant chooses this option.

You can add as many questions as you need to trigger based on that answer. If an applicant does not choose this option it will skip over it. 

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