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Complete guide to tagging and how to make the most from tags.
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“How can I categorize and filter my applications with the click of a button?”

The team at Submit.com understand the importance of scanning through your results quickly and with ease. So allow us to introduce you to our tagging function. Tagging allows you to add tags to certain applications, making filtering your results easier and faster than before. 


As you build your application, we give you the ability to tag applications based on the answers the applicant give on certain questions. See here to see how you can set up auto-tagging on your applications here!

Manual tagging

You now have your applications rolled out and the submissions are flowing in but you want to categorise the results. How can you do this?

We offer the functionality of manually adding custom tags to your submissions. This functionality is useful for creating a filtering system for you to navigate through your submission database with ease and precision. 

Creating Tags

  • Click on the application ‘Tag’ field, followed by ‘Create Tag’ when the pop-up window appears

When creating your tag you are able to give your tag:

  • A tag name, e.g. ‘contact’, ‘don't contact’

  • A colour in order to enable colour coding (colour-tagging is a great way to give a quick and easily distinguishable snapshot overview of your application results) 

  • Set the visibility of your tag. You can decide who sees a particular tag you can choose between Team, which is exclusively the team members and leads or Everyone, which includes the team members as well as the external reviewers and the applicant. Setting the visibility to everyone on particular tags allows the organisation to give transparency on the progress of an application to the applicants.

When creating a tag, team leaders have the ability to create lockable tags to prevent team members from deleting and removing specialised tags from the system. To learn more about our lockable tag functionality, check out our help article on them here.

Email when Tagged setting allows you to send specific email messages to applicants when the tag is applied to their application. This can be triggered during auto-tags being applied or applied manually post-submission.

Email when Application is submitted, allows you to send specific email messages to applicants once they've submitted their application.

Group Messaging

Our tagging functionality is excellent for when you want to send a message to a particular segment of your applicants, e.g. if you want to let certain applicants know that their submission has progressed to the next phase. 

To send a group message:

  • Click ‘ Group Message’  on the submission admin page

  • Select the tag you wish to message in the ‘Group Message Choice’ field and select ‘Tagged’ from the dropdown menu

Once ‘Tagged’ is selected, another dropdown menu will appear with all the tags associated with the application listed. Choose your desired tag from the dropdown given. 

You are able to send a message to people who may have multiple tags on the submission. You can select multiple tags by holding down the CTRL button and clicking on the desired tags you wish to message. 

Please note: When selecting multiple tags for the group message, only those applicants with both selected tags will receive the message, i.e., if you want to send a group message out to applicants who have been tagged with Austria and Greece, only those tagged with both tags, will receive the message. 

Reporting Summaries

You can generate specific report summaries for a competition for certain tags. You can do this in the Reports section of your admin panel. To generate the report, go to the summaries which can be found at the top options bar. 

  • On the summary page, locate the ‘With Tag’ filter.

  • Select the tag you want the summary for from the dropdown menu. Similar to multiple select in the group messaging function, you can select several tags when generating your summaries. Just like with the group messaging when selecting one or more tags, the results of the filtering will be those with the specific tags attached to their application

Alternatively, we offer the functionality to search for summaries without certain tags. A toggle function is provided, which allows you to exclude tags from your summary form. 

In your application results, you can do an advanced search to group add tags to applicants who have responded with a particular answer. This is useful when you have a large volume of applicants. 

In the results page of the completed applications, you can perform an advanced search. If you want to tag for people who answered a certain question, you can choose the question from your form via the dropdown menu as well as the desired answer.


In the search results page, click ‘Add a tag to the current results’. Here you will be given a dropdown menu of existing tags which you can choose to apply it to the search results.

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