You have your own domain and you’re ready to start building your application form, but where do you start? 

Creating a form is quick and easy with our platform! You can create a new form in two ways. 

On the Admin Dashboard, you can create a new form by clicking on the “+ Create” button in the 'Form' overview block or by clicking “Create Form” on the sidebar navigation panel. 

Enter the name of your application which you are setting up. If you already have a form made within your domain, you can use pre-existing forms as a template when building your form. You can also choose what email setting you want to include. You can check what events you would like to send an automatic email for. These settings can be changed in the ‘Email Templates’.

  • Draft saved - Receive an email when a draft application is created.

  • Application completed - Receive  an email when an application has been completed.

  • Message received - Receive an email to the applicant when an application is invited.

  • Application re-activated - Receive an email when an application has been re-activated.

Phased Submission Forms

If your application process has two or more stages, we offer the functionality of creating phased applications in the one convenient location. Check out how to set up phased submission forms here

Adding Questions

Now that you have your form created, it’s time to start adding your questions. 

You can add questions by going into the questions tab on the form overview panel or by clicking the “Add Questions” button. 

When creating your questions you choose the type of question you want by selecting it from our range of 24 different question types in the drop-down menu. 

Our question types include:

  1. Small Text:  Open text field for single sentence answers.

  2. Medium Text:  Open text field for answers that require up to 4 lines. 

  3. Large Text: Open text field for longer answers. 

  4. Number: Open text field for numbers.

  5. Multiple Choice: Applicant can choose one provided answer.

  6. Multiple Select: Applicant can choose multiple provided answers.

  7. Image Select: Applicant can choose either one or multiple provided answers.

  8. Yes/No: Applicant can choose yes or no.

  9. Date: Applicant provides a date (DD/MM/YYYY).

  10. Date & Time: Applicant provides a date and time.

  11. Heading: When you wan to add a heading to create sections or provide additional information.

  12. Statement: When you want to provide more information about the form. 

  13. File Upload: Applicant can upload a file (document, photo, video, etc.)

  14. Video Recording: Applicant can record themselves doing a Video Interview or Audition through their webcam directly into the software.

  15. Video Briefing: You can upload a video for your applicants to watch.

  16. Table: Applicant fills information into a formatted table that you’ve created.

  17. Country: Applicant provides a country from a drop-down menu.

  18. Location: Applicant provides a location e.g. a zip-code, address, etc.

  19. Scorebar: Applicant can choose a score from set out scoring system decided by you, e.g. score of 1 via a slider, stars, grade system, thumbs up, etc.

  20. Authenticated Signature: Applicant can provide a digital signature by using a verification link emailed to them.

  21. Phone: Applicant provides a phone number.

  22. Website: Applicant provides a website address/URL.

  23. On-Screen Signature: Applicant can provide their signature in the form by signing their screen.

  24. Sketch/Image Markup: Applicant can write on an image they uploaded or preset image uploaded by you.

  25. Import Question: You can import a question from another application from a different form you have created on your system.

Advanced Question Settings

For each question you have on your form, you have the capability of editing the setting for them. Our software gives you the functionality to make questions more specific for answering, i.e. making questions required, setting a min/max word count, editing answer titles, etc. Check out how to edit your question answers and advanced question setting here

Personalised Questions

Can I make my question personal to the applicant?”

Improve your engagement with your applicants by creating personalised forms! forms have the power to pull the registration information your applicant has provided as well as answers they’ve given throughout their submission to personalise the form. See how to set up personalised questions here

Logic Jumps/ Child Questions 

If my applicant gives me a certain answer can I give them a specific set of questions to answer?”

Yes you can! With our platform, offers the functionality of creating logic jumps (or child questions) based on Multiple Choice, Yes/No, Multiple Select and Image Select questions. Check out how to set up logic jumps and child questions here

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