Now that you have your questions added, you might want to change the order in which they appear. To do this, simply click the "Change Order" at the top of the page and drag your questions into the order you want them to appear. 

Once you have your question order ready, you can give each question more specific functionality to the form such as making them required or setting certain parameters like a word limit. To edit the setting of individual questions, click on the cog wheel located on the far right of the question.

In the new window that appears you can edit the question further. The primary additional setting that each question type carries are:

Required - The applicant must answer the questions. Once this has been checked, the applicant cannot submit their application without providing an answer for a required question. This setting is useful particularly when you want the applicants to answer specific questions.

Display in Preview - You can mark the question to appear in the summary view on the applications page. 

Archive -  If you want to stop the question from appearing in the applicant but want to keep previous data that was given you can choose to archive it. This means that the question will no longer appear to the applicants but you can retain any information you collected whilst the question was available to the public. 

Open Text Questions

Additional settings within each question type changes. Within Open text questions (Small/Medium/Large Text), you have the ability to set the word count. 

Lower Word Limit - You are able to set the minimum number of words an applicant can give in their answer.

Upper Word Limit - If you want the applicant to answer the question within a certain number of words, our ‘Upper Word Limit’ gives you the ability to set the max number of words an applicant can give in their answer. 

Multiple Choice/Multiple Select/Image Select Question Editing

With Multiple Choice/Multiple Select/Image Select you are able to set up some automated reactions to be carried out when the applicant chooses from the answers provided by you. 

If you want to eliminate candidates that give certain answers on their applications, we offer the function to Auto Reject. This operation gives you the ability as a form builder to reject an application from progressing any further due to an answer the user gives.

Auto Scoring allows you to give individual answers different scores/weight for the question.This is particular useful for when you are looking a candidate that maybe have desirable qualities over others, e.g. if you are recruiting for a job role, you can use the auto-score feature to give the those with a masters degree a higher score than those with a bachelors degree. 

Our Auto Tagging  feature is a great way to start filtering your application results based on the answers your candidates select from the options you provide them. To see how to set up auto-tagging, check out our article on it here!

Maximum Answer allows you to set the max number of selectable answer an applicant can choose on multiple select questions. To do this you must check the appropriate box from the settings panel on the right before choosing the number from the drop-down menu. 

Similar to setting the maximum number of the provided answers, in Image Select questions you can choose whether you want the applicant to be able to choose multiple pictures or just a single answer. By default, the applicant is able to choose multiple images but when you check the “Single Answer Question” option, this restricts the candidate to only one answer. 

Additional settings for other question types:

Video Recording 

Allow Redo - By default this question type only allows the candidate to record their response once before they are required to proceed to the next question. However, at the click of a button, you can give the applicant can do a redo of their submission by checking the “Allow Redo” option. 

Time Limit - As the user, you have the ability to set a time limit in which the applicant can record their question.   

Date and Time Questions

You can supply the candidate with two different types of selection tools when asking a date and time related questions. In the advanced settings you can choose to offer a Calendar view format or a drop-down menu.


Depending on what the scoring for your application is, you can change the format the scoring system that appears in the application. We have a variety of different scorebars  you can choose from, including a slider, stars, grading system, thumbs up, etc. In addition to this, you can adjust the value of your scores e.g. out of 10. 

Advanced Settings Summary:

All Question Types:

Required - The applicant must answer the questions. 

Display in Preview -  Display the answer in the application summary/ phone call summary document

Archive - Hide a question from appearing in the applicant but keep any previous data that was collected. 

Open Text Questions

Lower Word Limit - Minimum number of words an applicant can give in their answer.

Upper Word Limit - Max number of words an applicant can give in their answer.

Multiple Select/Multiple Choice/Image Select

Auto Reject - Reject an applicant from progressing any further due to an answer they give.

Auto Scoring - Giving the answers of the questions certain weight.

Auto Tagging - Tagging the applicant submission with specific tags dependant on the applicant’s answers. 

Maximum Answer - Multiple select, the limit on how many answers the applicant can provide. 

Single Answer Questions - On Image select question to only allow one answer to be selected.

Other Question Type Settings

Video Recording

Allow Redo -  If the applicant can do a redo of their video submission. 

Time Limit -  The time limit on video recording/

Date and Time

Calendar View Formatting -  If the date &  time picker is from a calendar view or a drop-down.

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