The team at understand that being able to generate a report for your applications is vital which is why we offer simple to use reporting and statistic generation functionality. 

Registered Users

We provide you with a list of all the applicants who have registered with your workspace.

Under the Registered Users section in the reports, you are able to view and edit your applicants' details such as their first and last names and email address or remove them if required.

You are able to download the user list as an excel file using the download button at the top of the screen.


The Applications section gives you a general overview of all the applications you have received across all your application forms on the platform.

Here you get a quick snapshot of the different forms that the users have applied for and all the details related to it, including their application number, the date that they began their submission and the last time their submission was saved at. You are also able to download this list as an excel file by clicking the green button at the top of the page.

The downloaded excel file will contain all applications, both drafted and complete. 

Form Summaries

The Form Summaries tab gives a quick snapshot summary of the applicants’ answers to the forms. To get the information you require:

  1. Select the application you want to look at from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

  2. Choose what specific questions you want to appear in the summary.

  3. You can download the summary as an excel file by clicking the download button in the top bar. 

Graphs & Maps

The workspace reporting functions allow you to create various graphs and maps based on the data you collect via your questions as well as the status of the questions. You can select your desired form in the drop-down menu at the top of the page and then toggle through the offered range of graph types we provide. These include pie charts and bar charts as well as Complete/Draft doughnut chart.

If you used a location question type in your application, our platform can produce a Google map with the location of all the answers. This is particularly beneficial for if you want to see where your applicants are located. 

You can also generate graphs based on multiple-choice, multiple select, yes/no and score bar questions. To do this, simply chose the form and question from the dropdowns: 

To get a more detailed summary, you are able to carry out an advanced search using the magnifying glass, the tag and the dates along the top next to the drop-down menus. The final tab allows you to download the graph you are viewing as a PDF.

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