Now it's time to review your applicant entries!

This can be easily done in your system! On the dashboard view of the ‘My Forms’ tab, you will see on a summary of the complete and draft submissions for each application. When you click on the submission status you want to review it will bring you into a new page with a list of all the applications received. 

Application Overview

On the application submission result page, you can expand each submission to see the applicant's overview and function features such as comments, scores and application actions. 

In your draft submission, you have the ability to see what percentage of the form the applicant has filled in. Using this information, you can message the candidate to prompt them to finish their submission or alternatively, you can convert it to be a completed application. 

Application Action Bar: 

You can invite people to the next phase, favourite, message the candidate, archive and reject the application. 

Invite: If you have a phased or staged application you can invite them to the next stage via the invite button. This will send the applicant an automated email with a link to the next phase of the application. To see about setting up phased submissions you can read it here!

Favourite:  You can favourite the application if it’s a submission of interest.

Message: Message the applicant directly through the system, eliminating the need to leave the system. 

Folders: You can add the application to a folder. This is useful for when you have external reviewers using the system. 

Archive: Archive the applicant so it no longer appears in the complete applications but it will allow the data to remain available. 

Reject: If the application you’ve received doesn’t . By clicking this option you can reject the submitted application and send an automated rejection email. This email can be edited in your email message settings tab on the form overview dashboard. 

Application Actions

Commenting - Add a comment on the application. The setting allows you to keep it private to just you, to share it with your team members assigned the form or to everyone which includes you, the team members and external reviewers such as judges. 

Overall Average Score - This section will display the average of multiple scores that may be applied to an application via the scorebar. 

My Scoring - This displays the score that you yourself have given the applicant.

Copy application - You can create a copy of the application on the system. 

Convert to draft - If an applicant wants to amend their completed submission, you have the ability to convert a completed application to draft to allow the candidate to continue editing it. 

Convert to complete - If an applicant's submission is still in the draft stage, you have the ability to convert their application to complete if you feel that they have provided the necessary information.

Download PDF
- You can download a PDF file of the individual application.

Delete application - You can delete the application form which will erase all the data collected, however, you will be able to keep the user on your system. 

Delete candidate - You are able to delete the candidate and their application from your system. This will erase all the data they’ve supplied. 

Manage Attachments - We offer the functionality to upload and manage your own files to attach the candidate’s application.


Searching & Filtering understand that you need to be able to search and filter your candidates with simplicity which is why we have several different ways you can do this. 

Order by

You can order your applications by a number of different options (both in ascending and descending order depending on your preference). You can order by the date the submission was first created or when it was last saved, their first name or surname, their user score, etc.


By Status


You are able to filter the submissions based on their status, You can see them all or the ones that are complete or draft.


By Action

If you want to see what applications have had actions taken on them, you can filter them using this search tool. You can filter by seeing what applications have been invited to the next phase or have been rejected. You can see what ones you’ve favorited or not using this too. 

By Score

If your application has a scoring system associated with it, you can filter using the scoring system to see what applications are in a specific score bracket. 

By Tag

Tagging is a great way to filter and streamline your applications for review. You can search for applications with a specific tag with ease by choosing it from the dropdown menu. 

 Alternatively you can also filter for applications without tags. You can select them from the drop-down. 

Check out our how-to guide on tagging here

Advanced Search

Using advanced search in the application stage helps you to narrow down the results by filtering your search query with specific parameters. These parameters include the applicant’s first and last name, email address. You can also search using application data by selecting a question from the form or a question which appears on the application summary. 


We also know how important it is to be able to provide reports and statistics on your data. Read our article on our reporting functions here!

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