Your team will consist of users that you can add to the system. Typically these users are other colleagues that assist with the application form you are running; if they are assigned to a particular form you are running; or if they are on your judging panel for a competition or award. 

Types of Team Members

Team leaders are the superusers or super admins of the platform. They have overall unrestricted to the access. Depending on your plan the number of team leaders can vary from 1 to 3 or unlimited if you are on our enterprise plan. As a team leader, you have the ability to add new team members to the system. 

Team members are an admin but by default has limited user permission compared to that of a team leader. However, these permissions can be changed by the team leaders. Team members can be assigned to a number of forms. The permissions that can be restricted are outlined in the table below in the Permissions section. 

External reviewers are your judging panel. They only have access to the folders that you give them a link to you. External reviewers have no permissions on your system except for adding scores and commenting on the applications you have placed in their folders. They can’t access any other score except their own. 

Users in the team tab refer to all your candidates on your system. Here you can see a quick overview of all the users who have registered with your workspace. 

How to add to your team

Team Leaders

To become a team leader, please contact

Team Members
To add a team member to your system, you can do so by clicking on the “Add Team Member” tab on the “Select Selection” panel. 

You can add to your team by providing the system with a first name, last name and an email address of your wanted user. 

Alternatively, you can upload an excel sheet with the names and email addresses. The file must follow the format of the first-row stating:

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