Now that we have our team members on your system it’s time for us to give to set their permissions. 


Depending on your team status, you will be given certain permissions throughout the platform. As a team leader, you will be given full unrestricted access to your system. However, as a team member, your access will vary depending on the permission allowed by your team leaders. 

On the right of each added team member, you will see 3 buttons: 

  • View settings and stats

  • Message the team member 

  • Remove team member 

To edit the team member or external reviewers permissions, click the blue cog wheel next to their name on the team members page. 

 Here you will be presented member stats page. This will include:

  • The last time they logged in

  • The number of time they logged into the system

  • The active callouts they are working on

  • Their permissions

External Reviewers

Unlike team members, external reviewers have full restricted access to the platform. In their permissions, the super admins can decide if they want the external party to be able to download the applications or not. 

Suspending a team member/external reviewer

At the bottom left-hand corner of the stats pop-up, a suspend button is provided. This allows you to remove the team member or external reviewer from the system. 

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