Introducing our newest feature - Single Sign-on (SSO)

What is SSO?

Single sign-on is a new feature we have introduced at to help make the registration process for your applicants quick and easy. Utilising SSO on your workspace removed the need for your application to maintain separate usernames and passwords. 

The benefits of employing SSO on your workspace means your applicants can register faster and there is a decreased risk in them forgetting their login credentials. 

What SSO options do offer?

Social Single Sign-On

We want to make sure that your workspace is accessible by all possible means. Therefore, we offer SSO for the following social accounts:

  • Google 

  • Facebook 

  • LinkedIn

  • Microsoft

Enterprise Single Sign-On

If you are an enterprise client and and would like SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) or another type of authorisation protocol, please contact our support and security team,who will be more than happy to help, at to set it up on your workspace. 

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