Need to edit your application form?  Never fear! have made editing your submission form easier than ever. 

To edit the form you will need to go into the specific application form’s setting page. To do this:

On the Admin Dashboard, select “My Forms”. 

Click on ‘Edit Show’ option along the bottom of your application. 

Once you do this you’ll be redirected to the form settings page.

Form Settings


Here, you can set the privacy of your form. This means you can decide whether you want this application to be public or invite only. Choosing to have the application to be ‘Invite Only’ means that candidates will only have access to the form via a direct link to the form. The ‘Public’ option means that anyone with access to your workspace can apply to any forms on the public page. 

This tab shows you a quick snapshot of the varying aspects of your application. In this window you can see the deadline of your application, the number of questions your form has as well as the number of applicants you have in total, which is further broken down into complete and draft submissions. 


The general tab is where you alter the finer details of your application. 

Title: If you have decided you want to change the name of your form, this is the window you do it. To do so, you simply click the existing name and it will become an input box for you to edit.

Deadline:  You can set a deadline for your form to close here. This is helpful if you want to close the application at a time you may not be using the system at, e.g. at midnight. 

Allow Past Date For Deadline: If you decided you want to close off the application to the public, you can set a deadline in the past. This means that it will not be possible for applicants to apply any longer.

Customer Deadline message:  you can customise the message your applicants will see in regards to the submission being open. 

Opening date: Similar to the deadline, if you want the application to open at a time when you will not be using the system, e.g Sunday at midnight, you can set a date and time for the application to open. 

Description:  You can provide a description for your form. Here you can add instructions for your form or additional information.

Rules: Typically this would detail your criteria for eligibility or any other rules which are applicable to the form you are running. 


The Questions tab is where you can add your question to the form. To see how to create a form and add, check out our help article here.

Style understands that you have put important work into establishing your branding which is why we offer the functionality for each form to be tailor specifically to your desired branding. Here is where you can choose the thumbnail image which will appear on the public forms page to your applicants. In addition to this, you can choose a background image and a theme for your form. 


You may want the functionality of each of your forms differ, therefore we have some additional application settings you can switch on for individual forms. 

  • Anonymous Guest Applications - You can choose whether you want potential candidate to apply without registering an account. 

  • Multiple Applications Per User -  You can allow users to apply more than once by switching this option on. This is beneficial if one user is applying to your forms on behalf of multiple organisations. 

  • Enable Application Summary Forms - You have the option to enable application summary forms to be created for individual forms. 

  • Application Summary Alias - If you have your application summary form enabled, this setting allows you change the name of the summary form to what you wish to called, eg. Phone Interview. (This will only appear if the application summary form is enabled)

  • Display Summary Questions Numbers - You can enable or disable the summary questions to be automatically numbered. (This will only appear if the application summary form is enabled)

  • Editable Comments - You can choose to allow your team members to edit their comments on the form by toggling this setting on. 

  • Next/Previous Button Display - This option is if you want the “Next/Previous” buttons to appear in the question modal during 

  • Direct Excel Download for Summary (Reports Section) -  This option allows you to download an excel file of all your applicants in the report section of your workspace. 

  • Redirect URL -  You can redirect your candidates back to your website once they have submitted their application by including a redirect URL here. 

  • Application Comments Tooltip - You can include a tooltip to appear when hovering over the comments section on the application view to give your team members an indication of what you want to them to comment on. 

Email Templates

This is where you can compose and edit the automated emails that get sent out to applicants depending on their progress. The templates for each form can be made specific. To see how to edit these check out our article here.

Score bars

Here is where you can create the score bars for your team members or external reviewers to rate applicants’ submissions. You can give your scorebars any name you desire and they can be set at any numeric range. You can also include a quick tooltip to let your team members know what they should take into consideration when choosing their score. In addition to this, you can also:

Enable Scoring Notes - You can choose to allow your reviewers to leave comments justifying their score reasoning. 

Display Average Score -  You can enable this function to give the total average score the applicant has received for their submission. 

Application Limits

The application limits can be applied to an application of a form based on the answer to a number type question. For example, if your form involved the applicant purchasing tickets you can set the limit for the candidate only be able to select a certain number. The applications will then be closed once the limit has been reached.

Pre/Post-apply Pop-ups

The team at understand the important it is to have your applicants accept certain terms and conditions before they apply to your form. Utilising a pre-apply or post-apply pop-up is a great way to present your candidates with your eligibility criteria, rules and privacy policies. Implementing the pre-apply means that the applicant must agree to your terms and conditions before continuing to the application meanwhile the post-apply pop-up must be accepted otherwise it will prevent them from submitting the application. 

Summary Questions

This is the tab where you create your summary form on your administration/phone interview. 

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