Need to send out a communication to your applicants regarding your form? Oh wait, you only want to contact a certain a group of candidates rather than your entire applicant database? Well, look no further as introduces our Group Messaging feature. 

This feature can be found on your form tab on the “My Forms” page.

We’ve taken away the hassle of individually messaging all your candidates both within the app as well as externally. Our system allows you to filter who you want to send your message to by using the “Group Message Choice” drop-down. The applicant filter choices include:

All applicants -  You can message all the applicants who have applied to your form. 

Completed Applicant -  You can message all applicants who have submitted a complete application.

Draft Applicants  - You can message all the applicants who have a submission waiting in draft. 

Invited Applicants - You can message all the applicants you have invited to the next phase of your application process. 

 Rejected Applicants -  You can message all the applicants whose applications you have rejected. 

Favourite By Me - You can message the applicants you have marked as a favourite. 

Favourite By My Team - You can message the applicants your team has marked as a favourite. 

Tagged -  You can message a group of applicants based on the tags you have applied to their application. 

Messaging by Tagged 

You can choose to message people based on a tag they have been assigned in the system via auto-tagging or manual tagging. (Check out our help article here to see how to implement tags on your workspace). 

Using an email template

You can choose a message template from your existing templates in the system. To see how to set up email templates in your system, read our help article here. 

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