A great feature of Submit.com is the messaging service we provide for you to contact your candidates within the platform. 

You can set up your signature for all correspondence sent and received from the platform. We also enable you to create a series of generic email templates which can be sent from our system. In addition to creating the generic templates, each form will have its own specific email templates, learn more about these in our help article here.

To set up these generic email tools, click on the ‘Email Settings’ tab on your Dashboard.

Editing your signature

By default, we provide our signature for your email sign-off. However, changing it to your email signature is quick and easy! Simply click on our existing signature and an editing box will appear, allowing you to amend the signature to be your own. 

Creating Email Templates

Creating a series of email templates for canned responses to your applicants is a great way for you to save time when it comes to contacting your candidates. These templates can be seen when you go to messaging option on the individual candidate’s application or when using the group messaging feature. To see how the group messaging feature works, check out our help article here.

To add a template, simply add:

  • A template name

  • A subject line 

  • The template body of text you would like included in each template. 

You can view the templates you’ve created in the list that appears above the template form. To edit existing templates, simply click the text and an editing box will appear allowing you to make any changes that may be necessary.

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