Tailoring your form to your applicant is a great way to engage their interest and make it a more personal process. Submit.com forms have the ability to automatically pull in your applicants’ details from their registration (first, last, full name and email address) as well as answers given throughout the form to further personalise your form.

For example: you can ask an applicant what college they attended and use that answer to ask them more about that particular college.

How to set up question personalisation

Creating personalised questions throughout your application form is quick and simple. While adding your questions to the form, you will see a magic wand icon next to the Save button. 

To begin personalising, simply click on the magic wand:

This will then open up a text box where you can select how you want to personalise the question. There are two choices you can use:

  • User property i.e. first name, last name, full name, email

  • Application answer from a question

You can click on the buttons which will open up the options you can create your question with. You are able to include both personalisation types in one question if you want.

When you choose the variable you want, our system will provide you with a code that you can place into your question as seen in the image below.

Simply save your question with the new input for it to appear on your form. When the question appears to the candidate, it will appear like below to them: 

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