As a team leader, the team at understand that keeping your administration work in check is of the utmost importance. Our tagging functionality is a key feature of how our platform helps with your review process. Yet, we also understand that sometimes, particularly when working with a large evaluation team, tags can be removed from applications or deleted in their entirety by mistake. For this reason, we have launched our latest tagging feature advancement - lockable tags.

Lockable tags allow team leaders to create a tag and lock it to prevent team members or external reviewers from removing them. 

Set up

Create a lockable tag is almost identical to creating a normal tag which can be seen here in our tagging guide. Once you’ve set the tag name, colour and visibility, the final step is to choose if you want the tag to be locked or not. 

Please note: Only team leaders have the ability to create lockable tags.

Once you have your lock tag created, you will not be able to assign said tag to a question using our auto-tagging functionality. To see how our auto-tagging feature works, check out our help article here.

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