Our video interview question type enables you to get your candidate to live record an answer to a question within the form. There are a number of advantages such as reducing scheduling errors and building a better-standardised screening process of candidates.

Our system will allow your applicants to do a practice recording before submitting their final answer. The question you want them to answer will not appear until they click on the "Reveal the Question". Once they have revealed the question, they have 30 seconds before their answer will begin recording.

Allow your candidates to do a practice question

Set up

To add a video interview to your application, simply select the ‘Video Recording’ question type from the drop-down menu and add your question text in the question builder.

select video recording from the question dropdown

To edit the requirements of the video, simply click on the setting cogwheel. The question editing window should appear on your screen.

Here you can choose to:

  • Make the question required

  • Allow the candidate to have a redo of their final answer

  • Set a time limit (in minutes) on the answers

Once you’ve set the requirements you need, simply click save.

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