Video Brief

A new question type we have recently launched is our video brief question type.

We allow you to upload a video to your form. This can be at the beginning as an introductory video, the end or throughout the application form as instructional video with a series of questions to be answered.


To set u a video brief feature, it’s quick and easy!

In your question builder, select the ‘Video Brief’ from the drop-down menu.

Add your question text, click save.

To upload your video, click the cog and the question editing window will pop-up on screen. Below the editing text boxes, click on the ‘Upload Video Brief’ button to upload your file.

The video brief file upload supports the following formats:

  • mp4

  • ogg

  • mov

  • MOV

  • 3gp

  • 3gpp

  • 3gpp2

  • quicktime

  • m4v

  • wmv

  • mkv

The max file size you can upload is 250 MB.

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