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What is Time Machine?
What is Time Machine?

Go back in time up to 7 days! This feature allows users to access and restore previous versions of files.

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Time Machine allows you to access point-in-time copies of files by capturing the state of your data at every moment. Users can use Time Machine to restore or access previous versions of files in case of accidental deletion, data corruption, or other unforeseen events.

💡Time Machine allows users to view and restore data from any point in time over the last 7 days.

To mount the filesystem as it was at a specific point in time within Suite:

Navigate to the menu bar and click “Time Machine”

Select the date & time you wish to mount and click "Mount"

Navigate to File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac) - a drive called “Suite Time Machine” will now appear and you can browse the filesystem as it existed at that point in time.

💡Time Machine files are read-only. To restore a file, select the file and drag and drop the file back into the Suite Drive.

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