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How do I upload a file to Suite Storage?
How do I upload a file to Suite Storage?
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Using Suite Storage offers the advantage of simplicity and familiarity for file uploads. The process resembles uploading a file to a local drive, with one crucial distinction: the confirmation of a successful upload relies on the Suite application as the source of truth.

To upload a file:

Select your file(s), then drag and drop them right into your Suite Storage drive.

To confirm if the upload was successful:

Your Suite application will show as "Connected" with "No Errors"

If you see “Uploading": you will need to wait as the transfer has not yet completed.

If you see “Errors”: Click the button at the bottom left to see which files failed to transfer. If a file(s) failed to upload, the solution is to re-upload the file(s)

💡 Reference this article for more information on upload error types

Once files have been uploaded:

You can work off of them as if they were stored locally - just continue to save changes directly to your Suite drive.

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