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How do I upload a file to Suite Storage?
How do I upload a file to Suite Storage?

How to upload files and confirm successful uploads.

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Using Suite offers the advantage of simplicity and familiarity for file uploads. The process resembles uploading a file to a local drive, with one crucial distinction: the confirmation of a successful upload relies on the Suite application as the source of truth.

To upload a file:

Select your file(s), then drag and drop them right into your Suite Storage drive.

To confirm if the upload was successful:

Your Suite application will show as "Connected" with "No Errors"

If you see “Uploading": You can start working off the file while it uploads in the background however, don’t turn off your computer or lose connection to the internet as the transfer has not yet been completed.

Always refer to the Suite application as your source of truth to know when an upload is complete.

If you see “Errors”: Click the button at the bottom left to see which files failed to transfer. If a file(s) fails to upload, the solution is to re-upload the file(s)

💡 Reference this article for more information on upload error types

Once files have been uploaded:

You can work off of them as if they were stored locally and continue to save changes directly to your Suite drive.

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