If you want to upload a new menu to the landing page, this can be done in 4 steps:

1) Click on Menus on the left hand side.

2) Click NEW MENU on the top right corner.

3) Enter the name of the menu - this will be the name that your guests see when they scan a QR code.

Categories are optional and can be used to help organize multiple menus ie: if you have multiple menus for drinks, you could categorize them all as "Drinks", but give each a specific name to help guests navigate them.

4) Hit CHOOSE YOUR PDF FILE to select the file that you want, then click ADD YOUR MENU.

Your menu must be in PDF format and for best results should be portrait and on a single page.

Your new menu will now be visible on your dashboard. To make it visible on your landing page, you will need to toggle the status. More details here.

For more information on managing your menus, click here

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