If you are interested in joining sunday, but want to know more about how it works, then this is the place for you.

Once you have signed up with sunday, we will produce a QR code for each table in your restaurant.

When guests scan the QR code they will be taken to your landing page, where they can see your menus, make payments and have a link to your website.

The menu function allows you to upload all your menus so guests are able to see them whenever they want to. As the menu is always on hand, ordering an extra round is quicker than ever, and we have seen sunday increases restaurant average basket by 12%.

Once your guests are ready, you take their order and process through your POS system as normal.

At the end of their meal, guests head to the landing page again and this time press pay the bill. Sunday draws all the bill information straight from your POS system and presents guests with their itemised bill.

Guests can either pay the whole bill or choose to split it with other people at the table. Either way, the bill is ready whenever the guest wants to pay - no need to bring a bill then manually take payments - saving you up to 15 minutes per table.

When paying, guests are also given the option of leaving an additional tip for their server, which has seen tips increase by 40% in some restaurants.

As soon as a payment is made, it will show on your POS and on the sunday dashboard. Once the bill is paid in full it will be automatically closed on your POS with no further action needed.

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