Get yourself set up on sunday by following these 9 simple steps:

Before you get started, you will need:

Your POS brand & log in credentials

Full company information (including bank details)

A digital copy of your ID

1) Head to and hit Click Here.

2) Enter your account information - this will be how you log in to the dashboard once the account is operational - then click NEXT.

3) Enter your personal details then click NEXT.

4) Choose your POS system from the menu, then enter the required access information, click SAVE CHANGES, then click NEXT.

Not sure where to find the necessary information? Follow the link underneath the box and it will get you to the right place.

5) Once sunday has connected to your POS, you will be able to choose which restaurant you would like to set up.

At the moment, each restaurant will need separate log in credentials however multi-site logins are coming soon!

6) You will then be asked to create a Stripe connect account - this is necessary for us to process payments on your behalf and is separate to any existing Stripe accounts you may have - then you can complete the creation of your sunday account.

7) In order for us to create your unique QR Codes you will need to send us a copy of your table plan and make sure the table plan on your POS is accurate, so that the codes we create match the reality of your restaurant.

8) You will then need to set sunday up as a payment method on your POS system. For information on completing this step, click here (article to follow).

9) The final step is for you to set up your dashboard - all the information you need to get started is here, though if you have any questions, get in touch using the chat function on the left.

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