So, everyone has had a great time - quality food, fantastic drinks & incredible service, but it's time to go. What happens next?

When they are ready to pay, guests scan the QR code and select pay the bill from your landing page.

This will bring up their fully itemised bill and from here, they have some options. The first is that one guest pays the whole bill.

At the bottom of the payment screen, they will need to choose a tip amount, then pay using Apple/Google pay, or by entering their card details.

Once completed, they will be shown a confirmation and asked if they want to download a copy of the bill or receive it by email. Meanwhile, the table will be closed on your POS system.

The second option is for your guests to split the bill. They do this by tapping split the bill and decide whether each guest pays selected items, a custom amount or the bill is divided equally.

Each individual payment will be processed on your POS separately so you will see exact payment details on your closed checks.

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