if the guest has been notified of a payment error, the error can be attributed to one or more of the following:

1 - The card number, CCV and/or billing zip code were entered incorrectly

2 - The card number used has insufficient funds

3 - International cards are not an accepted form of payment with Toast

If a guest informs the restaurant of a payment error due to any of the above reasons, please process their payment as you normally would via the Toast portal. These are safeguards put in place by Toast for fraud protection for the restaurant..

what if the customer does not know their zip code?

In order to secure payment, all sunday transactions will require an accurate 5 digit postal code to process.

how soon does my restaurant receive funds after making a payment with sunday?

Payments paid through sunday are only served to inform your POS of the guests credit card information. All payments are processed via Toast.

how do I process a refunds?

All refunds are processed directly through your Toast POS and follow your normal refund process on the Toast terminal.

a diner just walked out without paying the bill, how do I get reimbursed?

Sunday does not cover the cost of walk-outs as we do not process any payments. If this happens you should simply inform Toast of customer details in order for the POS to process their payment. Please connect to Toast with any payment related questions you may have: https://central.toasttab.com/s/ or call their customer support line at (617) 682-0225

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