To create your Stripe Account, please follow these steps:

  1. You will have the option to create a Stripe Connect account (linked to your sunday account) when you create your own sunday account

  2. Choose language at the bottom left

  3. Insert your phone number and your email

    Get the verification code to confirm your phone number

  4. Choose your Type of business

    There will be 3 options: Individual/Sole Trader,Company or Non-Profit (Majority Merchants will pick Company)

  5. Insert your Business details

    Legal business name :

    Business Identification number ( could be called different things in different countries

    Doing business as : (operating name)

    Registered business address

    Business phone number

    Industry : Restaurant

    Business website : (if the client does not have any, they can inform their social media)

  6. Insert the Business Representatives

    Legal name of the person

    Personal email address

    Job title

    Date of birth

    Home address of the person

    Personal phone number

    Click if the customer owns more than 25 % of the company

    Click the corresponding answer if the client is the only person to own more than 25%

    Click if the customer is the person taking the decision in the company

    → Repeat this step for every person that owns more than 25 % of the company

  7. Insert the persons that take decisions in the company if they are different from the Business Representatives

    → Repeat this step for every person that is in the decision-making process

    Insert their payout details


    Country of bank account

    IBAN (Help the client if they have the IBAN on PDF and write it in the chat)

    Confirm IBAN

    Check the information / modify them if needed / and confirm

    You will be redirected to the sunday Dashboard. If you see a red banner, you need to click on it and stripe will ask you to redo the step 2. and 3. for the stripe account to be correctly linked to the sunday account

→ You will be able to access your Stripe account with the credentials you inserted

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