Adress: Zadarska ulica 1, 21300 Makarska

Exact location for gps:

You will get the codes on your email, Whats App or text message on the day of your arrival. Please follow these 5 steps for successful self check-in.

Parking information:
If you are coming with the car please park it at the highest level wherever you like.

Step 1

Enter the building at entrance A (ulaz A).

Step 2

Use the elevator or stairs to get to the fourth floor and find the door number 13


Find the key box on the wall.

Put your hand on the box in order to wake up the box, enter the code and press the lock sign - open the box.

Step 4

Take the key, and open the door. (please write down or memorize the code so you can return the key to the lockbox on the check out)

Step 5


  • Wait for the long beep after 1 to 2 seconds

  • Check if the box is closed

You are all set, enjoy your stay! :)

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